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Digital Transformation
With SAP for Retail

We help retailers set up goals, define requirements, plan a roadmap, select the right solution, choose adequate partners and control the quality of their SAP Transformation Projects.

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We support  Retailers throughout their SAP journey and beyond  

Retail Business Transformation

Each day, customers expect personalized service and products, faster delivery, a digital and versatile experience, direct interaction with brands and more. 


In order to meet all these requirements, your business must adapt and stay current with the most robust and future-proof technologies which enable you to grow and stay ahead of your competition.

Retail Digital Technologies

  • Omnichannel Marketing
    Your customer is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In the digital age, it is so hard to predict trust, loyalty, and expectations. Your marketing must define, target, and satisfy your market in all channels simultaneously
  • Strategic Sourcing
    One of a retailer's most significant activities has always been sourcing. Customers expect new products at lower prices. In their environment, retailers work with a wide range of partners, including logistics providers, service providers, and merchandise suppliers.
  • Customer Centric Merchandising
    Define your right assortment for the right customer at the right price, in the right channel and at the right time was challenging. But today customers want a personalised experience everytime they interact with your brand
  • Optimized Supply Chain
    Onboard RFID, blockchain, and collaborative logistics networks for your business with us. You will benefit from the data lakes, cloud solutions, and all new integrated supply chain solutions
  • Retail Smart Stores
    Within modern retail stores, customers expect better products and more services. We offer self-service, self-checkout, click-and-collect, digital labelling, and more in our smart stores.
  • Collaborative Procurement
    The forecasting and optimization of your orders are now fully integrated with your business partners. Collaborating on demand planning, sharing portals, and product development will help to improve stock availability and customer satisfaction.

What We Do

Since BeniGO was founded in 2000, we have provided our services to a variety of businesses. We strive to relate to clients and understand their core needs and goals on every project we undertake. Below you'll find some samples of our work.

Take a look, and contact us to learn more.

Retail Digital Transformation Services

What Service You Need

Define your business and identify its current capabilities against the market best practices. Set new objectives and realize your goals to improve your capabilities or create new ones for a fast changing world



Transformation Project Support

Set up a budget, allocate resources, select capabilities and defining actionable requirements


Online Warehouse Workers

Delivery Quality Control

Assure the quality of the deliverables helps to meet your original requirements and achieve your goals


Request for Proposals

Make sure your structured requirements are written in a comprehensive manner to ensure effective partner collaboration

Reviewing Proposal


New job

Project Team Training

Train your internal team to cope with all new challenges, and be ready to adapt to changes


Working on Laptop

Platform Selection

Receive a gaps identification, requirement gathering to solution comparison, to solution implementation 


Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

Business Capability Map

Explore how you define your future, set goals, and measure your progress in the direction you want 


Guarantee your project success

Retail Digital Transformation Technologies

What Can You Expect


Faster Project

We help you run an hybrid project and deliver first the quick gain you expect from your transformation


Customer Satisfaction

A digital transformation can be frustrating when your customer expect fast and tangible results without understanding the underlying long term benefits. 


Cheaper Project

We help our customers keep their scope, their requirements and the build options under control to achieve the core business goals 

Our high class partners 

Transportation management, pricing optimization, and so much more


Sap for Retail

Core Enterprise


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture




Supply Chain





Manhattan Active



Omni Pos

Store Omnichannel


Customer Services

Customer Relationships


Data Services

Data Governance

Retail Digital References

Global Retailers That Trust Us

Grocery, Do it Yourself, Fashion, Gardening, Furniture and other retailers trust us with their digital transformation for the past 20 years.


From very large to international enterprise we support all Retail Business sizes

Confident Businessman

The BeniGO team is comprised of SAP for Retail's most experienced consultants. We have supported projects around the world in almost every retail sector. 

Each of our experts is an independent contractor who works together to offer the best value to our customers. 

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